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Date: June 2024
Buyer: Revolve
Target: Alexandre Vautier
Business: Haute couture brand
Value: Undisclosed
Details: Revolve, the US-based online retailer, has acquired French haute couture brand Alexandre Vautier (“AV”) out of administration for an undisclosed sum. Like many luxury brands, AV has struggled with the global slowdown in the luxury market, as well as late payments from its stockists, and went into administration in February 2024. The acquisition will mark a change to Revolve’s existing portfolio, which largely includes fast fashion brands, and focuses on online sales instead of brick and mortar stores. The deal is thought to keep the jobs of AV’s 29 employees safe, and includes a €6million investment by Revolve into AV over a 3 year period.

Date: June 2019
Buyer: Revolve Group LLC
Business: Online clothing company
Value: Raised $212 million in US IPO
Details: Revolve enables local brands to sell bespoke clothing online.




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