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Modern Slavery Act compliance checklist

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Introduction On 25 September 2020 a report on the independent investigation of poor work practices of Boohoo’s suppliers in Leicester was published. It is likely to result in many fashion businesses looking again at their compliance with the Modern...

Financial regulation to affect the fashion industry soon?

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Earlier this month it was announced that the Financial Conduct Authority would be undertaking an enquiry into the “deferred payments market” dominated currently by Klarna. For many fashion businesses Klarna is the deferred payment provider of...

Fashion and the end of the Brexit transition period - points to consider as we approach 31 December 2020

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With just 4 months to run until the end of the Brexit transition period, fashion businesses need to prepare. With this in mind the publication last month by the European Commission of “Getting ready for changes: Communication on readiness at the end...

Exercising a right to renew a contract

Stephen Sidkin
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Contract renewal should be a relatively straightforward process. Subject to satisfying any requirements which make renewal of the contract conditional, it should simply be necessary to follow the terms set out in the contract for its renewal.  This is...

Stephen Sidkin speaking at UAL and Fashion Law Institute webinar 25 June 2020

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In a world challenged by COVID-19 lockdowns and other political struggles and ethical concerns, the fashion industry is united in our search for new business strategies. How can fashion designers and businesses protect themselves amidst a global recession? ...

Record breaking summer sales for fashion retailers - but what are the wider implications?

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British fashion retail is expected to roll out major post-lockdown discounts to drive footfall and clear SS20 stock now that the lockdown is easing. However, this discounting may have wider legal implications for fashion brands. In this article, we look at...

10 practical steps to re-opening retail safely

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As one of the hardest hit economic sectors, fashion retailers in England have welcomed the news that they can reopen from 15 June. We explore how retailers can ensure that their staff (and customers) are protected once business is resumed. In this guide we...

Why may end up crying - and how you can avoid being caught out

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The news yesterday of a $100m claim having been filed in the US courts against Boohoo and its subsidiaries, PrettyLittleThing and Nasty Gal, for allegedly fake sales promotions and misleading consumers comes at a time when many fashion brands are about to...

What was in store when Coty alleged Amazon stocked infringing Davidoff perfume bottles?

Scott Steinberg
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You discover a third party is selling your genuine goods on Amazon in an unauthorised territory. As well as providing the platform for the third party seller, Amazon is stocking and arranging the dispatching of these goods. Can you prevent Amazon from doing...

Your banking and debt finance arrangements and Covid-19: key points for borrowers

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Following the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic, many businesses are looking closely at their banking and debt finance arrangements. As such, we set out below some key points for borrowers to think about in these difficult times: ...

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