13 Aug 2021

A Nike advertisement featured on All4, ITV Hub and YouTube became the subject of nine complaints after viewers considered that some of the scenes shown, for example depicting mothers and pregnant women participating in various sporting activities, were irresponsible on the basis that they contravened recommended health advice for pregnant women and pressured women to engage in overly strenuous exercise. Prior to being broadcast, Clearcast, the non-governmental organisation which reviews most advertisements before they appear on television in the UK, had found the advertisement to be suitable for viewers and complaint with the CAP Code. After carrying out an investigation, the ASA also disagreed with the complaints raised. It considered that most viewers would understand the advertisement to encourage pregnant women to continue exercising provided that they felt safe to do so and provided that such activity was in accordance with any relevant medical advice. According to the ASA, Nike was not in breach of any of its obligations regarding social responsibility under the CAP Code so the complaints were not upheld.

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