22 Apr 2020

Zoe Sugg posted an Instagram story on her page in which she wore a floral maxi dress. The accompanying text read “Lots of you loving the dress I’m wearing in my newest photos!…it’s from @missselfridge Swipe up to shop… (Also popped it on my @liketoknowit profile if you’d rather shop straight from the app).” The word “*affiliate” appeared at the bottom, obscured by an icon. When viewers swiped up, they were taken to the ASOS website.

A complaint was raised on the basis that the post was not obviously affiliated with ASOS. The ASA upheld the complaint, ruling that the advertisement was not obviously identifiable as a marketing communication. The ASA told ASOS and Zoe to ensure that any commercial intent was made clear in future posts, for example using the hashtag “#ad”.

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