A video on demand advertisement by Missguided attracted criticism on the basis that it overly sexualised and objectified women. The advertisement featured women in swimwear in seductive poses, with text reading “If you plan on wearing clothes this summer…we’ve got you covered…kind of”, and “SCORE 25% OFF WITH CODE BABE 25”.

The advertisement appeared on ITV Hub during Love Island. Missguided argued that its content was similar to the opening titles and scenes from the programme itself, and that the particular images were chosen in order to reflect the lifestyle brand. Missguided further stated that the display of bare skin was inevitable given the fact that the advertisement was intended to promote their summer collection.

The ASA ruled that the advertisement was in breach of the CAP code as irresponsible and likely to cause serious harm and offence. This was on the basis that the products promoted in the advertisement were presented to consumers in an overly sexualised way which was likely to promote women being viewed as sexual objects.

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