Three complaints were raised in respect of a YouTube video promoting Converse Footwear, which featured the actress Millie Bobby Brown with one foot up on the dashboard of a moving car. The complaints alleged that the advertisement condoned or encouraged unsafe behaviour that could be emulated by young people.

The ASA held that there was no breach of the CAP Code. The advertisement did not encourage unsafe practices, contain anything likely to result in physical, mental or moral harm, or depict children shown unattended in street scenes. The angle of the video drew attention to Milly Bobby Brown’s face and the story which she told in the advertisement. The ASA considered that viewers would understand that the actress’s foot was raised in order to advertise the trainers she was wearing and the way she was posed was not otherwise relevant to the content of the advertisement. Therefore, viewers were likely to pay very little attention to the way she was sitting, and so the advertisement did not promote unsafe practices.

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