A poster for clothing brand “I Saw it First” included text stating “Ibiza x Demi Rose”, along with an image of a model wearing a sheer white dress without a bra. The ASA received 24 complaints which challenged whether the advertisement was offensive because it was overtly sexual and objectified women, and whether it was inappropriate for the advertisement to be displayed close to a school.

The ASA did not uphold the complaints on either ground. The poster advertisement a womenswear range. The dress was part of that range and the pattern was such that it was not completely transparent. The rest of the advertisement and the model’s pose was not provocative, so the advertisement did not objectify or degrade women and was unlikely to cause serious or widespread offence. Although it had been placed by chance in some locations where it was near to schools (and it may have been considered as distasteful by some), the ASA ruled that it had not been placed inappropriately and was not socially irresponsible.

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