3 Oct 2018

Two complaints were made against retailers Watches2U, both of which were upheld by the ASA.

The first complaint was made in respect of an Amazon page listing Krug-Baumen watches for sale. The page showed higher prices which were struck out and followed by lower advertised prices. The complainant challenged whether the crossed out “original” pricing was misleading and could be substantiated. The ASA upheld the complaint since they considered that the prices listed were not the usual selling prices of the watches at the time the advertisements appeared.

The second complaint related to an eBay page which listed a watch for sale with the description “Krug Baumen … Diamond Blue Dial Gold Plated Strap RRP £795”. The complainant again challenged whether the RRP claim was misleading and not substantiated. The ASA considered that consumers would likely understand from the advertisement that by making a purchase, they would make a saving against the price at which the watch usually retailed. However, it appeared that the product was not sold by any other retailers. Therefore, the ASA considered that the RRP claim breached the Code on the basis that it was misleading (overtly and by omission), not substantiated and falsely claimed a price advantage.

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