Setting up or “incorporating” a company is a quick and simple procedure which can usually be done on a standard basis within 8 to 10 working days or on the same day for an increased fee.

To incorporate, you will need to send Companies House:

1. Form IN01 – detailing:

1.the company name (check the availability of a name before filing this form);

2.the location of the registered office address;

3.the company secretary (if applicable) and director(s);

4.the subscriber details; and

5.the share capital details together with the prescribed particulars relating to each class of shares  (this is only applicable to companies limited by shares).

2. Memorandum of Association (applicable to a company with or without a share capital)

This document should contain the names and signatures of the subscribers who are forming the company, and for companies limited by shares a commitment that each subscriber will take at least one share.

3. Articles of Association

The articles of association contain details of how to run the company, internal management affairs and liability and essentially make up the company’s internal rulebook. (Note that if a company chooses to use the standard Model Articles it does not need to file these with Companies House.)

4. Registration Fee

The registration fee is currently £40 or £100 for a same day incorporation service is available (provided the documents are received by Companies House by 3pm).

Alternatively you can buy a pre-formed company 'off the shelf' from a company formation agent (or Fox Williams) who will then change the company's name and other details accordingly.

When Companies House has received the relevant documents and the incorporation fee, provided everything is in order, a certificate of incorporation will be issued, which is conclusive evidence of the incorporation. The company is also issued with a registration number.  This number will remain the same even if the company changes its name.

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