Fox Williams recently successfully obtained a settlement for Addict against the owner of the Location brand. Addict complained that Location had infringed its rights by copying a camouflage pattern designed by She One and used by Addict on many of its products. The settlement included a withdrawal of all the garments complained of, destruction of any unsold stock, and a payment of financial compensation to Addict.

Stephen Sidkin (head of Fox Williams’s Fashion Law Group) commented: “Protection of a brand’s identity is critical if brand owners want to ensure that the value in their brand, is not diluted through third parties piggy backing on the time, effort and costs which have been invented.”

Fox Williams continues to act in cases of this kind with those reaching the press representing only the tip of the iceberg.

Fox Williams has substantial expertise in this area. Earlier this year, we successfully concluded out of court settlements on behalf of Laundry Athletics LLP, the owner of the Superdry brand, against Arcadia and Primark as well as other undisclosed third parties.

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