Fox Williams are also delighted to announce that John Smedley, a fashion client, have received the prestigious Royal Warrant of Appointment to Her Majesty the Queen. This is a very public acknowledgement of the excellence of their garments as The Royal Warrant of Appointment is granted by Her Majesty.

Ian MacLean, Managing Director, said that, “John Smedley has a proud history of manufacturing the finest Merino wool and Sea Island cotton garments, both underwear and outerwear, in Great Britain. Interestingly, the Royal Warrant document states specifically that we have been “appointed into the place and quality of Manufacturer of Fine Knitwear”.  I emphasise the word quality as I know that every one of our 390 employees has quality as a topmost priority and takes pride in every garment that passes through their hands. Indeed, quality is one of our core brand values because John Smedley, our founder, made it the distinguishing feature of the yarns and garments he produced.”

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