A complaint was made by Guernsey Woollens Ltd in relation to pages on the website for Channel Jumper Ltd. One page stated: “Channel Jumper in Alderney brings you the finest quality traditional sweaters from the Channel Islands”. Another featured text saying: “Established in 1976, Channel Jumper was started as a Cottage Industry with the intention to revive the Alderney sweater which had not been seen since WW1 and to establish a knitting industry on the island”.

The complaint challenged whether the claims made were misleading, since the sweaters were not manufactured on the Channel Islands.

The ASA concluded that consumers would understand from the advertisement that Channel Jumper Ltd was based in Alderney and that the products were manufactured there. Although the company was registered in Alderney, Channel Jumper did not provide evidence to show that their products were manufactured within the Channel Islands. The advertisement therefore breached the CAP Code on the basis that it was misleading and Channel Jumper Ltd did not hold evidence which proved that the claims made were capable of substantiation.

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