22 complaints were received in respect of 3 television advertisements, which promoted online retailer Nasty Gal. The first advertisement showed a model posing in swimwear and other outfits playing tennis and golf. The second advertisement depicted the same scenes, with the addition of text relating to delivery. The third advertisement was an abridged version of the two.

The complainants challenged whether the advertisement were socially irresponsible on the basis that the model looked extremely thin. Nasty Gal responded that the model was a size 8 with a normal BMI.

The ASA considered that whilst the model generally appeared to be in proportion, there were particular scenes within the advertisements which were problematic since they drew unnecessary attention to her very slim physique, or highlighted her prominently visible rib cage. The ASA ruled that the model appeared to be unhealthily underweight in these scenes and concluded that the advertisements breached the CAP Code on the basis that they were socially irresponsible.

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