In the fashion industry mission-critical business assets consist of not only the intellectual property rights but also trading arrangements, contracts and information technology systems. Survival may depend on effective protection of these assets.

Whatever legal issue you are facing now or are likely to face in the future, our Fashion Law Group delivers industry-specific legal advice, tailored to your needs. We are passionate about the commercial issues that concern you - getting your products to customers and protecting the things that make your business distinctive.

To get your products to customers necessitates a wide range of commercial agreements as you enter into a series of business relationships. We have special expertise in advising on distributorship, agency and supply agreements. We also know the tricks behind conditions of sale. Our clients benefit from our advice on concession and franchise agreements.

We recognise that your business is unique because of its intellectual property. There are two issues that need to be considered - protection and exploitation. We advise on all forms of protecting copyright, know-how and trade marks as well as the newer database and design rights. We can assist you in the sale or purchase of a new business or when you require specialist corporate advice. This could be in relation to corporate governance matters, group reorganisations and shareholder agreements. We also handle commercial property disposals and complex portfolio sales as well as property management and leasing.

Employment problems frequently require a quick response. Our extensive knowledge and experience of the law affecting the workplace enables us to provide practical, tailored advice. And, if the worst comes to the worst and you are involved in a dispute relating to manufacture, distribution or retailing, we will seek to resolve your dispute whether at a domestic or international level.