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Parissa Torabi

Are you at risk of a #MeToo claim? Parissa Torabi writes for Drapers

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Employment law associate and member of our Fashion Law Group, Parissa Torabi , explains the precautions fashion retail leaders must take to ensure there is no harassment hidden in their organisations. Read Parissa's article here . ...

Reverse #MeToo - trending soon in fashion?

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The #MeToo movement has on the face of it changed the landscape for the better. But what about the reverse situation where the accused (usually men) are falsely accused? Reverse #MeToo claims have already been made. This is unsurprising, as alleged...

Dress codes in the workplace

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Why are we still concerned about dress codes in the workplace? This should in theory be a fairly straightforward concept, however, the recent highly publicised case of the female agency worker who was sent home without pay because she refused to wear high...